Devoted Dog Bowl's Refund Policy

Canceling orders- In order to properly cancel your order, you must do so within five hours of  receiving your order confirmation. We ask that you cancel your order quickly to avoid us sending you a product that you no longer wish for. Any cancellation request submitted after the five-hour mark will be void. Meaning you will have to receive your item, return it, and then receive your  refund.  

Return Policy- If unopened/unused, you will be able to return your item and receive a full refund  (minus shipping cost. 

If used, You will have the ability to coordinate with our team about returns which will be measured  by the condition of the bowl. 

Broken products- If, by some crazy chance, the bowl breaks or the vinyl decal starts to fade  within the first six months, we will coordinate with you and resolve the issue by either sending you  a new bowl or decal or with a refund.