About Us


 Founders of Devoted

Two best friends sharing a love and passion for not just our own dogs, but all of the doggos out there who aren’t as fortunate as ours. Unfortunately, most of the ‘reputable’ dog rescue organizations that you may have donated to in the past have just taken your money, and maybe... just maybe… given a few crumbs of their profit to actual dogs. As dog-lovers first and entrepreneurs second, we found a way to deliver cold hard cash to real shelters that provide refuge, feed, and medication to real dogs in need. By selling a variation of pristine customizable dog bowls and donating 10% of all profits to real non-kill shelters, our dream of making a change for animals in need is finally underway. Rest assured that upon purchasing one of our bowls, you will not only receive a custom-made bowl for your dogs, but you will also help feed the dogs who need it most. 

For those who don’t need a bowl but still want to make a difference we offer a donate box where 100% of your money will be donated and documented. Yes, actually 100%.

At the end of each month, you will have access to a livestream/video where you can watch us hand deliver money to various shelters; we want you to feel the gift of giving with us!

For any questions whatsoever please email us at: devoteddogbowl@gmail.com