Nutrition… Boring, yet Important

As humans living in the world of 2022, it appears that we have become more health conscious by the day. It seems as if a new ‘healthy alternative' pops up every day. Most restaurants and food trucks you’ve seen recently have probably been on the healthier side, or at least offering healthy options. I’m not making fun, I’m right there with everyone else who has jumped on the health-kick over the past few years, but still, you’ve got to wonder… Why? Why now? Why pay more money for higher quality food?

Well, it’s simple really. 

We do it to FEEL BETTER


Sure, you may slack for a few days here and there, but as soon as you start feeling like crap your body starts craving things with certain benefits like fruit, greens, or clean meats. Once your body tells you what you need, you hop in your car and go buy it, eat it, and almost instantly feel better. See, that's where we as humans are lucky. We have that freedom. Barring tragic accidents, we are able to extend our longevity on Earth by eating the foods we need to extend our stay here. Dogs, however, do not possess that same freedom. Unless he’s a picky doggo, he’s only going to eat what’s put in front of him. For most dogs, it’s the same crappy kibble over and over again. Also, I like to think that most people aren’t naive enough to believe that their dog’s diet has no effect on their quality of life. 

Most dogs make it to 12, 14? Maybe a few super seniors make it until 16? Sure, that’s impressive, especially when keeping in mind that most dogs eat the human equivalent of fast food everyday.

Imagine if, everyday, you ate from fast-food chains that spend most of their budget on advertising instead of ingredients? How long do you think you’d live?

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

When I was just a boy, my mother brought home a little Chihuahua named Bruno. After a decade or so of kibble, Bruno became an old dog who only had a few years of life left. After some research, my mom decided to stop buying kibble and to put him on a raw diet of meat and vegetables. She would prepare the portions by the ounce, freeze them to kill bacteria, and then feed Bruno the “raw diet”. At the time, we would all joke that she was wasting good time and money on a dog who was on his deathbed. Bruno lived until he was 20 years old. After making the switch with my dogs, and seeing their change in demeanor I will never go back.

Luckily, nowadays there are a few companies that sell raw, frozen, nutritious dog food and deliver it to your door on a monthly basis, making your life a lot easier. Here at Devoted Dog Bowl, we love to customize products and make them unique to your pet. Luckily, our favorite dog food service does the same thing! I'm referring to the company NomNom. With a quick quiz, NomNom is able to break down your dog's nutritional needs to a science. Therefore, not only will your dog be eating life-saving ingredients, but they get the perfect portion each day. The best thing about NomNom is that it’s delivered as a monthly subscription, so if you do decide to make the switch, you won't have to worry about lugging around those big bags of toxic kibble anymore!

NomNom is our choice, but the brand doesn’t matter. What truly matters is your bestfriend being here with you as long as possible:)